• Rebecca Proenza article

    26 July 2023

    There was an interesting interview with author REBECCA PROENZA recently, on Bold Journey. She talks in it about self care, her work, the attributes she feels a person needs in order to develop, and (the reason the interview caught my eye, and the main reason I'm sharing the link) a book that played an important role in her development. The book she highlighted? Hunters Of The Dusk, the seventh book in my Cirque Du Freak series, but the first one she read.


    You can check out the full interview here: https://boldjourney.com/news/meet-rebecca-proenza/


    I know that lots of my readers, like Rebecca, have come to one of my books for the first time either without realising it's from the middle (or even near the end) of a series, or realising but deciding to try it anyway. It's why I've always tried to provide just enough background information in each book for new readers to catch up on what's been going on with the main story. It can be a tricky juggling act sometimes -- you never want to shoehorn in TOO much back-story, as it can slow the pace and annoy readers who have been there from the start -- but I think an author should always assume that there will be people coming aboard at every stage of a series, and feed them just enough old narrative rope so that they don't feel entirely afloat at sea without any clear direction forward.


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