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    22 February 2023

    A reviewer on REVIEWS THAT BURN, which is an offshoot of the Books That Burn podcast, has been working their way through my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak series, reviewing each book in turn. I've shared links for the first 9 reviews in previous posts -- now here are the links for the final three reviews of Books 10, 11 and 12.


    Book 10: https://reviews.booksthatburn.com/2022/12/shan-lake.html

    Book 11: https://reviews.booksthatburn.com/2022/12/shan-shadows.html

    Book 12: https://reviews.booksthatburn.com/2022/12/shan-destiny.html


    The reviewer is careful not to give away any spoilers, but that does mean they can't go into any great details about these three books, since they form the series' conclusion, and to talk about them too much would mean spoiling twists from the earlier entries.
    I was pleased to note this comment for Sons Of Destiny, the final book in the series:


    "The ending is the reason I wanted to re-read this series. I loved it as a kid and I'm so glad it mostly held up now that I'm an adult. It's not the only series that has this kind of finale, but it does it very well and it was the first such ending I'd read."


    Heh heh!! Yeah (I'm being careful here not to provide any spoilers myself!), I too have come across a few similar endings in other books or series over the years, most especially in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, but I like to think I did it in a way that no one else has done. It's certainly my most misunderstood ending, as...


    OK, there's no getting away from this...




    If you haven't read book 12, and don't want to know how it finishes, read on no further!!!


    Some readers misinterpreted the reboot at the end of book 12 as me saying that Darren's life never happened or had any meaning. They thought I'd written him out of history when Little Person Darren went back in time and scared away "ME" Darren from the Cirque Du Freak. Thats not actually the case. As I explained earlier in the book, the actions of major historical figures remain etched in history, even if they get replaced by a meddlesome time traveler. What I wanted younger readers to go away with was that anyone could now replace Darren, i.e. maybe one of THEM would end up filling his shoes. I think most readers DID get it, but just in case YOU were one of the ones who didn't, and has been raging for years about how poor an ending I left you with, you might want to go back and give book 12 a quick re-read, bearing the above in mind...


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