• Shinical’s video review of Cirque Du Freak

    20 May 2021

    A YouTube vlogger with the handle of Shinical posted a review of my Cirque Du Freak series a few months back. She provides a nice, quick overview of the entire series, in a video that runs just under 14 minutes. Shinical is Dutch, but the video is in English.


    Heh -- that reminds me. I did an event in the Netherlands once and read out an extract in Dutch, which my publishers had phoenetically translated for me. I imagined I mangled the language horrifically, but nevertheless, I think a fun time was had by all. :-)





    In the May issue of my monthly newsletter -- THREE new Archibald Lox books... info about the Cirque Du Freak manga... a Darren Shan inspired "album"... and lots, lots more: https://darrenshan.com/news/shanville-monthly

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