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    29 July 2022

    By random chance -- or, y'know, by DesTiny!!! -- a few different fans have recently sent me photos of messages that I signed in a book for them, or letters that I sent to them. From oldest to newest, here they are...


    First up is a message I signed to HINSON a whopping 15 years ago!! And it's an interesting one, because I signed it in Hong Kong, and it was the very last book I signed at the end of a mammoth tour of Ireland, the UK, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong!!! I know it was the last, because I said so in the message, and even included the time that I clocked off the tour!! Pretty cool, huh?!? :-)


    The second, from 2009, was shared with me by LAUREN. It's a *very* well-loved book, that's virtually fallen apart of the years, but Lauren treasures it regardless, and why wouldn't she?!? Fans sometimes apologise to me if they come up to me at a signing with an old, tattered copy of one of my books, but I always tell them that no apologies are required -- I *love* seeing a book that's clearly given its reader so much joy over the course of countless re-reads.


    The third also dates dates to 2009, and was a little birthday note than I wrote to ROWAN. It's quite a short note. I usually try to write a few more lines than that when I pen a letter to a fan, but sometimes all they're looking for is a quick *hello*!! (Or sometimes, I must admit to my shame, I'm just too busy to write much more! 2009 was a hectic year for me, at the height of "Shan Mania," and I used to get a LOAD of letters each month, so I guess shorter replies were by necessity more the norm back then!!!!)


    The final, most recent letter dates to just three weeks ago. LIV has been posting *loads* of fan art on Twitter in recent months, and I was delighted when she wrote to me, so that I could personally thank her -- very few of my regular Twitter or Facebook correspondents ever think to drop me a physical letter, so I worry sometimes that they don't realise exactly how much their continued vocal support means to me...


    I'm not touring much these days, so the opportunity to get a signed Shan book are few and far between, but if any of you guys reading this would like to drop me a letter as Liv and Rowan did, I still always aim to answer every piece of fan mail that I receive -- and, as a bonus, since I don't get anywhere near as much fan mail as I once did, normally I write a bit more than I used to back in 2009!!! :-)


    You can find my address here: https://darrenshan.com/contact





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