• Soul-hurters!!!

    06 December 2023

    "The Movie Was So Bad, It Fully Hurt My Soul."


    That's a quote that would bring a tear to the eye of anyone who's seen their favourite book adapted for the big screen, only to come away from the viewing feeling incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed. It's happened to all of us at one point or another, I'm sure, but in this case the fan with the bruised soul was talking about...


    [yes, you guessed right!!!]


    the CIRQUE DU FREAK movie.


    The short, sad review appeared on a Buzzfeed article with the headline: 19 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That Were Disappointing Enough That People's Souls Were Affected. I'm in two minds what to think of it -- on the one hand, it's depressing that the Cirque Du Freak movie disappointed a fan so deeply... but on the other hand I'm delighted that the fan was so in love with my books in the first place!!


    Anyway, you can check out the full list by clicking on the following link. Just make sure you have a hankie to hand, in case it brings back awful memories of the time YOUR soul got stung by a (perceived) dodgy movie adaptation!!! https://www.buzzfeed.com/marycolussi/disappointing-book-to-movie-adaptations




    One thing guaranteed NOT to hurt your soul is my upcoming picture book, THE TERRIFIED TROLL!!! :-) To pre-order YOUR copy, or to learn about the exciting perks which you can buy to support it, do a Google search for "indiegogo darren shan terrified troll"


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    No AvatarKayla
    06, Dec, 2023
    Hi Darren,
    I’m a huge fan of your Cirque du Freak series! I read and loved the book when I was in 5th-6th grade and I’m 21 now. It’s something that I lost sight of in my years of chaos but I found the books my brother passed along to me when I recently came home after mental health hospitalization. The books were so well written I couldn’t put them down, and I’m ready to read them again! I loved the movie, and I really want to watch it again when I can access it.
    I think the casting, production, and direction was spot on and the story of Darren and Steve with the whole crew was monumental for people like me who are born to fling with the circus crew. I really do feel like I’m half vampire and half demon lol.
    I’m wondering, have you ever considered promoting a second movie adaptation? Either a new version of the first, or some branch of continuity of the series? I think it’s insane that Josh Hutcherson starred in it and now he’s in major hits like FNAF.
    I’m a theatre kid and movie lover, I think this kind of project would be so cool, and really be monumental in the age we’re living in now-show the kids what we had!

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