• SYFY - will Cirque Du Freak rise again?

    25 September 2023

    Cirque Du Freak: Will Darren Shan's YA Vampire Saga Rise from the Coffin After Film Version? (We haven't seen the last of Larten Crepsley and his vampiric protégée!)


    That was the heading (and sub-heading) of an article that appeared on SYFY during the weekend. Its author, JOSH WEISS, had spotted a post of mine from last Christmas, when I mentioned that Cirque Du Freak had been optioned again, and that a team was working on adapting it into a TV show. While Josh doesn't have anything fresh to offer (since I haven't revealed anything fresh!), he does have some interesting things to say about the original Cirque Du Freak movie and its director, Paul Weitz. The article is short, and definitely worth a quick read, and you can check it out here: https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/vampire-saga-cirque-du-freak-may-return-as-a-television-series


    I can't say much more about the potential reboot, except that it's looking mildly promising that it MIGHT actually lead to something. The team in the States (which includes some VERY experienced and successful Hollywood heavy-hitters) was still working on scripts earlier this year, and were inching closer to taking the project out to market, but everything ground to a halt with the writer's strike. Hopefully things will move forward more swiftly once that gets resolved, and I'll be able to come back to you all with more info about who optioned the rights and who is working on the scripts and which studio has (IF that happens -- fingers crossed!!) bought the project to film, but for now, alas, I must keep my lip zipped.


    Stay tuned for updates, even though I can't offer any guarantees on when those updates might come, or whether they'll be positive (the team found a backer and we're a GO!!!) or a negative (the proposal didn't come to anything this time, and the rights are back with me)...


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    No AvatarTejall Singh
    31, Dec, 2023
    I am a big fan of your vampire series and would like to know if u would further continue it??
    No AvatarGrant
    29, Mar, 2024
    EEEEEE anymore news on this going forward as of yet because I'm absolutely buzzing for this now!

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