• Tattoo Tuesday - Gergo’s Bec

    20 September 2022

    Tattoo Tuesday is back, after a bit of a break, and today I'm delighted to feature this menacing tattoo which adorns the upper arm of a fan called GERGO.


    Gergo hails from Hungary, where my books have been extremely popular -- I've been there on tour in the past, and always drawn incredible crowds, and it will be the first country, next year, to publish a translated edition of the first Volume of my Archibald Lox series.


    My Hungarian publishers created their own covers when they published my Saga Of Darren Shan / Cirque Du Freak series, but chose to adapt the British covers for The Demonata -- and Gergo's tattoo is taken from the fourth book of that series, BEC, which has grown into one of the most popular books from the series over time. Back when it was first released, a lot of fans were confused by how it fitted in with the other books, but as my master plan became clear over the next couple of books, appreciation and love for Bec blossomed beautifully!!


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