• The Anime Harmonix podcast

    04 December 2023

    One of the perks in my Terrified Troll fundraiser (which is still active) is the chance to take part in a one-to-one Zoom chat with me -- there's also the option to take part in a small group chat, which will have a maximum of 4 participants.


    I did the first of these sessions last Friday, with a guy in America called TRAE. When Trae was thinking of buying the perk, he got in touch with me to ask if it would be possible for him to record it for his podcast, THE ANIME HARMONIX. I was absolutely fine with that, so you can listen to Trae and me shooting the breeze if you click on the following link:




    Normally, when I go to an event in a school or book store, fans in the audience will only get a chance to ask at most one or two questions each. Here, you can have me all to yourself for 40 minutes, and put me on the spot however you choose. You can also make a reading request if you wish -- I normally read out one of a few tried and trusted extracts, but with these personal events I can be more flexible. Trae asked if I wanted to read something from The Terrified Troll, so on the spur of the moment I grabbed a copy of the poem that started it all and read it out for the first time ever -- you can hear the world exclusive reading in the podcast. Another lady, who'll be chatting with me soon, has asked me to read out the chapter in Hunters Of The Dusk when the hunters meet Evanna for the first time. It's a scene I don't think I've ever read out before, and will probably never read out again, so she'll be getting a true once-in-a-liftetime reading!!!


    Think about it -- what extract would YOU like me to read out live to you? What questions have YOU always wanted to ask Darren Shan???


    Once you've decided, check out the Indiegogo fundraiser for The Terrified Troll (there's a link in Trae's podcast Episode Description), and if you can pull together the funds, sign up for a session swiftly with Shan before the campaign finishes!!!! And if you don't have the funds... hey, Christmas is coming, so why not ask your loved ones to club together and buy a slot for you, as a couple of lucky Shansters already have done!!!! :-) :-) :-)


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