• The bright side of life

    22 November 2022

    The last 48 hours have been quite surreal and stressful (had a bad house fire on Sunday night - you can read all about it in yesterday’s post), but there have been some funny moments in among the gloom…

    The attached meme (thanks, Cheryl!) made me chuckle. 

    Another fan noted how it was ironic that my son Dante wasn’t there for the Inferno!! That made both myself and Mrs Shan laugh.

    And there were even a couple of massively welcome lighter moments in the middle of the mayhem on Sunday, when I was chatting with first a police officer, and an hour or so later a senior firemen. Both were very grave of face and tone when they were going through grim logistics with me, until near the end of our conversations they paused… each got a shy little grin… and then both said the exact same thing…

    “My children are really big fans of yours!!!”



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