• The Demonata TV series - in an alternate reality!

    25 November 2021

    Who here saw and loved all three series of the Netflix Demonata TV series that started to stream in 2017?!? You must remember it -- directed by Andy Muschietti? Theme song called "Salt of the Earth" by a band called Lovedrug?


    Come on -- you MUST have watched it!! You've probably just forgotten. Have a look at its listing on a site called FANDOM (but be careful if you haven't read the first four books of the series, because it includes some major plot SPOILERS) and see if that jogs your memory... https://fanon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Demonata_(2017_TV_Series)


    No? Still no recollection? Well, before you go shooting over to Netflix to search for it, I must hold up my hands and admit the reason you probably didn't see it is that... it was never made!!!


    The page was created by a fan (I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but some small little detail has set me thinking it might have been a fan by the name of Andy Muschietti...) but it's fooled at least a few people, as I've had to field some enquiries from other fans in recent times, wanting to know how they can watch the show!! Sadly, unless it exists in a parallel universe where the powers that be at Netflix are more demonically enlightened than their counterparts in our universe, we're all going to have to wait for quite a while, as there has been no interest from any movie or TV folk in the Demonata in recent years. Hopefully it will happen one day, though part of me thinks it would be a VERY tricky series to adapt, for all sorts of reasons, so I won't be holding my breath, and nor should YOU, no matter what you might read on Fandom!!!! :-)


    To tie in with Black Friday, I've temporarily reduced the price of the eBook of Archibald Lox And The Missing Princess to just $0.99 in the USA, £0.99 in the UK, €0.99 in European stores, and a similar low price in all other territories.Act NOW if you want to nab it at an incredibly low bargain price, by clicking on any of the following links:


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