• The foretold return of Molly Marie

    17 September 2022

    A couple of years or so ago, a fan called MOLLY MARIE combined her love of Tarot cards with her love of my books, to create various Tarot designs inspired by various characters that I created. She produced a load of fabulous pieces before real life got in the way and her output dwindled. But she managed to pull together another few more recently, and I'm delighted to be able to share the fabulous fruits of her labors with you.


    The first card is in honour of Mr Tall, the second features Madam Octa, and Seba Nile takes centre stage in the third. The fourth is a bit different, in that it's a nod to the lake of souls, which appears in the book called... um, Lake Of Souls!! To say any more about the ghostly hand and the card name - Defeat - would be a spoiler of the highest order, so I'm going to zip my lip here, and if you haven't read the book and want to know more about the image -- then go read the book!!!!





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