• The Literary Connoisseur

    13 December 2019

    Darren [typing] -- This saved me the task of writing a post today -- thanks, Rebecca! :-)


    The Literary Connoisseur [typing] -- "Is this a book review?? Is Rebecca from The Literary Connoisseur still reviewing books?!"


    The answer is no.


    BUT. When one of your favorite New York Times Bestselling authors in the entire world, an author who's partially responsible for your love of reading as a teenager, asks YOU to read and review his new novel, you say yes. You squeal, you sweat, you flip the frick-frack out, and you say, "YES!!!!!"


    So, here it is!!! My book review of the great Darren Dash's new novel, Molls Like it Hot!! �� Enjoy!!




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