• The Meat EP

    07 April 2021

    There have been great reviews for The Meat, a 5 track EP released on March 25th by an Australian performer known as Necronata -- I'm including links to three of them below:






    The main reason I'm flagging this up is that one of those five tracks is called... Cirque Du Freak!!! Brendan Brendkins, the creator behind Necronata, is a fan of my books, and was inspired by them to write the song. He first released it last year to YouTube, with a cool little video, and I'm delighted that it's now enjoying a wider release. All three of the reviewers mention the Cirque Du Freak song, with Scene Daddy calling it "an obvious highlight" of the EP. If you want to check it out, click on the following link, and hopefully it will spur you on to go buy the EP -- us Shansters need to support one another, right?!? :-)





    There was another song called Cirque Du Freak released last month, by a band called Evelyn's Casket. For a link to that one, check out the April issue of the Shanville Monthly: https://darrenshan.com/news/shanville-monthly

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