• The Terrified Troll campaign announcement

    31 October 2023

    Are you ready for the first ever Darren Shan PICTURE BOOK?!? I hope so, because it's on its way!! And the even more exciting news is that YOU can be involved in its creation! It's going to be called...






    The artist is a friend of mind called EVA BYRNE. She's a well established prints artist, with almost a decade of experience under her belt, but this is going to be HER first picture book too.


    We hope to sell the rights to a traditional publisher down the line, but we're going to start by creating a LIMITED EDITION, SIGNED, HARDBACK version, which is only going to be available to people who pre-order a copy during our FUNDRAISER.


    Yes -- it's the first ever Darren Shan fundraiser too!!!!


    As well as the book (available as either a NUMBERED or LETTERED edition), we've put together a group of incredible PERKS...


    You can get STICKERS and limited edition PRINTS that Eva has created. Or you can have a small group or one-to-one ZOOM CHAT with Darren, or enjoy a dining experience with him, or even go on one of two VERY special TOURS with him to places central to two of his series -- and Darren will be your own personal TOUR GUIDE!!!


    Maybe you'd prefer a hand-written TROLL POEM by Darren which also comes with an ORIGINAL SKETCH by Eva??? Or a beautifully collected PORTFOLIO of photocopies of all the different drafts that the book went through, again with an original Eva Byrne SKETCH???


    Whatever your desire, whatever your budget, we have something for YOU!!! The link for the fundraiser is below -- feel free to browse it at your leisure and purchase perks at your pleasure!! Oh, and if you could PLEASE share the link with everyone you know, not just fans of my books, but adults who like picture books, or parents with kids, or teachers or librarians or booksellers or... well, ANYONE!!!... we'd be SO delighted. Your backing is crucial to bringing this to life, and the more people we can reach with the fundraiser, the greater our chances of being able to deliver the book by the end of summer 2024, which is our goal.


    To find out more about THE TERRIFIED TROLL and associated PERKS, click here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-bring-our-troll-to-life




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