• Two faces of Hagurosan

    26 April 2023

    Yesterday I posted a photo of a list of my books which a fan with the Twitter handle of ChaosPixie The Bookworm had created, to help her track down all of my books. She'd just managed to track down a physical copy of my (very) short book, HAGUROSAN, and was extremely excited to have got hold of it, which is what prompted her to share the photo with me.


    Another fan, called Theodor, commented on that post, saying that he'd also wanted to buy a copy of Hagurosan, but the cost of shipping had deterred him -- he lives a LONG way from the UK, where the book was published. I was pleased to tell Theodor that although I can't help him with tracking down a physical copy of the book, he can read it for FREE on my website -- as can anyone else!


    There are actually TWO versions of the story on my site. The original version, which appeared as a short story in a book called Kids' Night In. And an extended, restructured version, which I put together for Barrington Stoke -- that's the book in this photo.


    You can read either (or both!!) versions, FOR FREE, by clicking here: https://darrenshan.com/extras


    I hope you enjoy your trip up the Holy Mountain with Hagurosan. It's a very special story to me, as I wrote it especially for a young woman who, many years later, would become... Mrs Shan!!!


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