• Updating and chilling

    25 July 2010

    Went looking at floorboards and tiles on Saturday morning -- the search continues! Then spent most of the rest of the day updating the Covers section of my web site. It was a long slog, but I wrapped it up late into the night -- it's now bang up to date, and all the stuff from the old sties has been copied over -- hurrah!! It's much easier to upload images on the new site, so hopefully I'll be able to update it more regularly as new covers come in over the coming years. I could of course have just asked Kenny to do it all, but I like being personally involved in the site. I don't have the complete control over it now that I used to have (it's got a lot more complicated) but I am still mostly in control, and will be updating it personally going forward. I want to do that for as long as I can, because I think it gives the site a personal touch which most author sites are very clearly missing.

    On Sunday I took things easy. Spent the morning looking into a holiday for later in the year, and ended up booking a nice trip to the Seychelles for a bit further down the line -- a treat at the end of what will have been a hard-working summer for me! Then Bas and I took my cousin Kealan for a walk around a Celtic Park in Kilcornan, only to find out that it had shut for business a couple of years ago!! Luckily, there's a very nice farm with some exotic animals in the area -- Stonehall Visitors Farm -- so we went there instead. After that we went for a filling meal in Eddie Rockets in the Crescent Shopping Centre, and then to see the movie Inception, which is the smartest, slickest film I've seen in quite a while. Highly recommended!! Right, that's enough rest and relaxation -- back to work bright and early on Monday morning!!!

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