• Who does Philip Pullman think he is?!?

    14 September 2010

    Phlip Pullman was quoted in The Telegraph a few days denouncing the use of the present tense by modern-day writers. For the full article, CLICK HERE. Now, Mr Pullman, is entitled to his view the same as everyone else, and he has the freedom to express it the same as everyone else. But when he blatantly attacks the very notion that other writers might want to write in a tense that he doesn't approve of, using words like "wretched fad" and "silly affectation", I feel moved to make the following comment, in the style of that old Harry Enfield character -- Oi! Pullman!! NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!


    I love Philip Pullman's books, but as a pontificating public figure I have to say that I think he's a boring, stuffy, snobbish old fart!!! And if I ever get to the stage where I start trying to dictate the terms that others should follow when writing, I hope that my fellow authors are just as swift to stick the boot into me as I am into him! I still think Mr Pullman is our leading children's author (or was back in the halcyon days of His Dark Materials when he was vibrant and relevant) but a touch of humility and respect for the freedom of choice of other authors wouldn't go amiss. Or is it a case of "The Authority is dead -- long live his replacement, Philip Pullman!!"


    To young writers everywhere I say, ignore the arrogant lectures of Philip Pullman or any other like him. We're all free to write what we like, any way we like, and each approach is as valid and full of potential as any other. For me, variety is the spice of life, and I would never even dream of telling another author how they should go about presenting their stories to the world. And nor, in my opinion, should anyone else.

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