• Willi WHO?!?

    02 May 2020

    A fan of my Cirque Du Freak books called Asteria Gaia (my daughter would no doubt approve of the name if she was old enough to understand!) drew some designs for some of the characters. They'll all be familiar to you, I'm sure -- Mr Tall, Truska, and Willi Wunderwanst.


    What's that, you cry? Who on Earth is Willi Wunderwanst?!?


    Heh heh. Some of the characters were given very different names when the books were translated into other languages -- in this case, German. You can probably work out Willi's original name from the drawing, but in case you can't, you can find out by clicking on this link to a page on my web site, which will also reveal the identities of DEN SCHLANGENJUNGEN, JOANA SHAN and (ol' orange-head still hasn't forgiven the French for this one!) LARTEN KRAPULA!!!!







    When you're done laughing at that, make sure you check out the May issue of the Shanville Monthly with all the latest Darren Shan news -- for instance, did you know that I released THREE NEW BOOKS last month, and that the first of them is FREE to download?!?



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