• Zom-Liv!!!

    21 May 2022

    Fan art for my Zom-B books tends to rank well behind Cirque Du Freak and The Demonata, but luckily for us all, a talented artist called Liv has been reading through the Zom-B series recently, and has been inspired to bring some of the characters to life.


    In order, we have B Smith (the central character)... Cian and Awnya (a pair of twins who we first meet in book 4)... and Vinyl (B's best friend in the first book, and we meet him again further down the storyline).


    The fourth drawing features an deliciously unholy mash-up of B Smith, Grubbs Grady (from The Demonata) and Darren Shan (from you know where!). This drawing almost makes me wish the universes of my different series WERE connected, so that I could write some books in which these buys all band together to fight the forces of darkness... but, as I've always answered whenever I'm asked (and I get asked quite often), there are NO links between any of my major series -- each exists in a universe of its own.





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