9th Khash Cannan's Reviews | 14 August 2013 | Nishanth Anchan KN

Weird Underground Complex where many revitaliseds and reviveds were being experimented upon... Something went zeriouzly wrong!


Anyway, our badass protagonist B made it out! Zooray!


So- B is out. B is free. B is free to explore - THE CITY!


Welcome to London, B's City. As readers who've read the previous book well know, it's been more than 6 months since the Zombies attacked the school and many other locations. So, naturally, with so many bones-sticking-out-of-their-hands-and-toes, awesome-nose-and-ear, witless, brain hungry Zombies around, the City has been Zombified.


The first half of the book deals with B learning about many unknown abilities that revitaliseds possess- like leaping like King Kong (On a smaller zombie scale) and stuff. B wanders aimlessly through the undead city- All red. All dead. Zombies hunt down survivors and gladly tuck into their brains, or accept them as their own, gobble, gobble!


B runs into, or it could be the other way around, (many new characters. I'm guessing that some are self-contained, but I'm damn sure that those 4(?) guys will crop up later!)

--a few Zombie Hunters (Ah, I'm a gamer, so I love em! Go, Zombie Hunters!!),
--An artist who paints the apocalypse in all its dazzling beauty,
--A few notable Zombies (The ticket guy)
--And some religious, robed people who belong to the Order of Shnax (I have to admit that I pronounced it 'Snacks' and had a hearty laugh at the beginning)


During the random wandering, B gets some new threads. Later, B goes to the apartment B grew up in. Most of the political leaders either had their skulls cracked open or were cracking skulls and stuffing themselves with brains. So, the Soldiers had taken over. They were the saviors (said the radio)and were planning and rescuing people twenty-four-Seven. Strongholds and Fortresses were built and survivors fought to stick to their humanity. And there was to be a rescue mission in the vicinity, so B decided to go - and TRY to make them understand about revitaliseds.


B visits many notable places in London along the way, (Hell, I think after I've read the whole series, I might use them as a city guide too! And that's a good thing!)And B also runs into trouble many times.


Finally, when B reaches the rescue location along with many survivors and all is prepared for the operation. (B has a bit of trouble here too, as always)


Shan does it, again!


Coz he knows that
When in doubt,
Send in the Clown!

Mr. Dowling- My second fave antagonist of all Shan Books (first being the Ohh-So-Lovely-Lord-Loss!!) pops in with his mutant minions- TADA!


And that next scene would... ah, read it yourself. Cold-blooded.


B meets the Owl Man too, the pot-bellied guy from book 1. He talks stuff, which clears some doubts but throws in more questions.


And the book ends with a cool cliffhanger!(I'm still hanging!)




All in all, this book was better than its predecessors, it had a more powerful apocalyptic feel to it because it was open world and not confined to a school or an underground complex. And Shan never ceases to amaze readers with the new ways he thinks up to kill people (or better, ZOMBIFY them). And it's always a treat to read about Mr. Dowling and his beautifully ugly mutants! (Let's Party!!!)


And Shan has Pinky-Bone-Promised that there's gonna be a lot of answers in book 4: Zom-B Angels, which is what we exactly need right now! And I'm waiting to get my bony hands on that bloody book (Look at that cover art, Zombies all around are gonna be like "Hey, Zhexy!, you look delicious")

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