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This is a review of the Audio Book of Zom-B City.


So I am completely sucked into the Zom-B series and I keep having huge expectations of what the next book will contain. I am starting to wonder how much longer “B” can continue on as a zombie, her body is deteriorating at a pretty solid pace, either she is going to run out of body parts or something else is bound to happen. Judging by the cover of the print copy of this book I am going to assume that Owlman and Mr. Dowling will play a large role in this third book> I hope that I am right because I found his character tantalizing when he first showed his face. But I have been wrong before…


In Zom-B: City, B has now escaped from the military installation that really put the Zom in Zom-B, she now finds herself in the zombie ravaged city of London. Zom-B: City now feels like how the typical zombie apocalypse stories as opposed to something really special, like the first two books. Protagonist wakes in zombie ruined word having missed real time devastation of it all and is only left with the carnage and destruction, a rouge zombie or two and the human that have obviously been brought to the edge of what their minds can handle. This really seemed like the transition book of the series, many series have that one book that not a whole lot happens, The Empire Strikes Back for instance, more of a story building, setting up for the crap to hit the fan in the next installment. I must say that I was a bit disappointed, especially after reading all of the glorious reviews on this title. However as I said above I am hooked on the series, on “B”, wanting more of Mr Dowling and Owlman and will be listening to the next episode of Zom-B.


Emma Galvin again has delivered another inspired and flawless narration. There is not much I can say about the narration of Zom-B: City that I haven’t already said. So if you want to know more about Emma’s awesome narrations of the other books in the Zom-B series, use this link:

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