| 27 February 2008 | John Baldock

The book was not popular. Those lucky few that found a copy to read would have no doubt found it a remarkably interesting and unique tale, but overall not many copies were sold - it took eighteen months for Darren O’Shaughnessy to get this book on the shelves after writing it and perfecting it. The ‘flop’ may have been partly caused by the unusual name - Ayuamarca (eye-you-ah-mark-ah) - which publishers hated, as it made the book harder to market. But Darren Shan stuck by the name and eventually agreed to allow ‘Procession of the Dead’ to follow the title.I thought the book was awesome! It combines fantasy, crime and sci-fi in a weird tale that is unexplainable even after the completion of the second book - ‘Hell’s Horizon: The City: Book 2′. Both Ayuamarca and Hell’s Horizon are amazing. Unlike most sequel stories, Hell’s Horizon runs parallel to Ayuamarca. So after the first book is over, the story is over. Hell’s Horizon enhances the first book - enhancing the experience.

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