| 28 November 2008 | Jennifer Mitchell
Bec is the fourth book in the "Demonata" series. Bec is an orphaned apprentice priestess. Her teacher died leaving her to care for her village. The village struggles to defend itself from nightly demon attacks, where every night more villagers are injured or killed. Other villages in the area are being destroyed. Survivors come to Bec's village for sanctuary. When things seem hopeless, Bec is offered an opportunity to save her village. She is frightened, but a vision encourages her to leave the relative safety of her childhood home. She and several of the village's warriors strike out on the epic adventure. Along the way, Bec discovers why her mother abandoned her. Will this new information jeopardize her mission? She is terrified her friends will no longer accept her. She also gains great power in working men's magic. As she continues on her journey, she comes across a demon who begins to stalk the group. He is a little too interested in Bec's magical development and the group's destination. Although the adventurers get the information to defeat the demon hordes, they discover they will not reach their destination in time. Even if they could get there in time, Bec questions whether she will have the courage and strength needed. This book is a great read for reluctant readers. It is quick paced. It addresses the topics of choices and consequences and bonds of friendship. It is a great book to examine for character development.
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