| 29 April 2010 | Jennifer Hairfield
Bec is the second out of the four books in the Demonata series, so far, that is something I would deem a flashback novel. This novel is set in the 5th century Ireland when Christianity started taking over the land. The land is being over run with demons who are killing people every night; they also have zombies helping out in the body count. This novel gives the reader a little bit more knowledge on how chess became Lord Loss’s passion along with the werewolf curse that hits Grubs’ family throughout the series.The story is centered on a young apprentice priestess named Bec, meaning small one. She’s taken in after being found when she was a newborn in her dead mother’s arms. We follow her as she ages and the pain she endures by being an outsider. Wanting to know who she really is she goes on a mission with other people of the village to give aid to a neighboring tribe. It turns out though that it was a druid that sent for them to help him rid the world of the Demonata. Traveling to the gate between the two worlds Bec learns magic from the Druid, which is unheard of since Male and Female magic is different and forbidden to the opposite sex. Along with magic on this trip Bec learns more about her history as they get closer to her home village.Sacrifice plays a big part in this time period in history as it does in this story. Bec’s mother sacrificed herself so her daughter could live, the group puts themselves in harms way to protect the world against the Demonata, and Magic sacrifices itself for the greater good as well. But, does Bec find out why she is the way she is? Is the Demonata stopped or do they win? Who makes the biggest sacrifice in the long run? This novel was the best in the series so far, in my opinion. The research that went into it for the pagan ways was done very well not to mention the glossary in the back that helps the reader pronounce the Irish words and what they mean. This series is both entertaining and educational. The twists and turns will keep the reader guessing until the very end. We also get a sneak peak at the next novel Blood Beast coming out November of 2007. This was my favorite book in the Demonata series so far. I guarantee a great ride of magic, demons, cloak and dagger and, danger around every corner.
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