Between The Pages | 04 October 2012 | Loretta

WOW, this little book had a big punch to it.

After the prologue I was hooked to this book. There was things about this book that made my skin crawl. The big one being B's father. He was a horrible man, who was an abusive husband and father, and had no dignity about himself. He was a big racist, and had no common sense whatsoever! Even though B was not this way in his mind, even knowing it was wrong, he had to be like that around his father, or around people that would go back and tell his father, I thought he should just be himself, stop trying to please his father, because he was not a man that needed any type of respect. There was kids at school that B would torment, because of there race. & yet B's best friend Vinyl was black. Sometimes even there friendship would be tested because of the things B would do & say. B is a trouble maker, who really doesn't care about school or anything that comes along with that. He would rather fight, steal, and be a bad ass..

After videos are shown of zombie attacks, no one knows whether or not this is really happening, or if it is a hoax, which is what B's family thinks. Well, what his father thinks, so with his thought everyone should agree. Because he is always right... in his own damn mind.

But things become real when zombies attack B's school. There will be flesh ripped, people dying and you will be taken on a terrifying gory adventure that will have major twists along the way! Although I don't want to tell you the twists, because that would ruin the story I will tell you that you will be blown away, and left wanting so much more from Darren Shan.

I am highly anticipating the next book in this ZOM-B series, and I am anxiously waiting to see if the next book will be just as crazy as this one.

At under 200 pages this would be a great book to add to your Halloween reads.

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