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The Saga of Darren Shan is the first series which was written and published by the well-known author among young horror lovers, Darren Shan. The entire series is completed within twelve books. Throughout the series, the storyline is written in first person of the main character Darren Shan. The overall storyline cannot be expressed without ruining the book for anyone who has not yet picked up the first book of the series Cirque Du Freak, which I strongly recommend if you have a good taste of fantasy stories. As simplistic as I can make possible, The Saga of Darren Shan revolves around the consequences of the main character Darren meeting a vampire named Larten Crepsley and becoming a vampire himself, against his will. The book follows Darren after he has become one of the undead, with twists to the normal vampire traits and adventures, quests and problems which shall constantly keep you on your toes. With the main character being named after the author of these books, the general idea that this is a true story is exaggerated and causes your feelings to connect at a more intimate level with the characters.


As the aimed audience for this series is more towards the younger teenagers, Darren Shan is an extremely relatable character, as he is of this age throughout the series who not only has to deal with the troubles of becoming a teenage vampire but also the average problems of a human teen. However, this series is not subject just to the younger generation, but also can be enjoyed by those slightly older, as like myself at nineteen. Therefore, even though this series is based upon a teenage vampire, it is not the ordinary teen fantasy and involves some serious matter to create tense atmospheres as well as a sense of exhilaration. The storyline throughout changes rapidly and is very fast moving with action filled events occurring one after another which is guaranteed to make you want to keep reading.


This series is not one for the emotional people out there as many tears were shed from reading all twelve of the books.


There was not anything in particular which I did not care for or enjoy within this series. The narration is simple but creates excitement and anticipation. It also allows the audience to support Darren Shan throughout his quests and celebrate with his triumphs. Each book increases pleasure and becomes tenser than the previous book. Scenarios are created to make you so eager to see how the author could possibly manage to save the characters that you have grown such a bond with. It is these scenes which cause you to appreciate and admire the imagination of the author and his unique ability to write something which shall cause you to want to jump inside the book and help the characters. The only improvement that I can possibly see with this series is that the books are maybe slightly short and three books could have been conjoined to create four books in the series instead of twelve. However, once again Darren Shan has not disappointed and pleased those who had the same thoughts by republishing The Saga of Darren Shan into four trilogies. So once again I shall repeat that these books cannot be improved in my eyes.


Overall, I would highly recommend these books to anyone who loves an exciting storyline which shall keep them guessing and cause them to want to be within the book and become a vampire as well even against the cons. As previously mentioned I would suggest that it would be the teenagers who enjoy and relate to these books more than an adult say. However, do not let this stop you and maybe try reading the first book and see if you’re as hooked as I was. Even by the ending of the last book, when you know that the story cannot continue, you shall find yourself wondering how the author could have carried this on and in some way wrote more to quench your thirst for more. this being especially since the ending is a shocker which you will never see coming. If you enjoyed this series as much as I have then I recommend Darren Shan’s more recent published series, The Saga of Larten Crepsley. This should definitely be at the top of your list for reading. This series gives an insight to Darren’s tutor’s life and answers some secrets to create more drama to Darren’s story, leaving you wanting to re-read The Saga of Darren Shan. Your perception of everything within the books shall be altered.

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