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This is a story about a boy, Hagurosan, who was asked by his Mother to bring an offering to the spirits of the mountain, a cake, which he did not do as he ate the offering.


As punishment, he was told he should collect all of the coins at the shrine until there were no more.


Hagurosan had wished, on finding the first coin, for the safety and wellbeing of all the children.


As time went on Hagurosan grew older until one day the coins stopped appearing and he was free to leave the mountain and enter a Utopia he never thought he'd see.


This is a story with a purpose, a lesson to be learned, and a strong religious presence. It is a well told short story by Shan, International best-seller and author of "Zom-B". We'll let YOU decide the TRUE moral of the tale.


we give it 7/10 Blogger Points


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