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In the third book of the Zom-B saga by Darren Shan, we take a look at B Smith's life on the outside World for the first time as a Zomhead. A ZomHead is a zombie that has revitalised, meaning that they have gained conscious thoughts again, and can think and act like a living human being, but are, for all other purposes, dead.


B wanders the streets of London looking for brains to keep her alive, or as alive as a zombie can be, but is super reluctant to actually kill a human and therefore leaves it to luck, hoping to find readily dead bodies to tuck into. She encounters new characters and new dangers on her outings and finds herself in a spot on more than one occasion.


Her troubles seem to multiply tenfold however when Mr Dowling, the scary-ass other-worldly clown appears with a horde of mutants, just as he did in Zom-B Underground, and as before is every bit the living nightmare you hope you'd never get to meet.

Shan continues with B's story in more familiar surroundings in this third episode, and because of this we the readers become more drawn into the environment and the reality of a zombie apocalypse, and what effects it would have on the World as we know it.


A thrilling story that keeps us hungry for more.


Zom-B Angels is now available as a fourth instalment to the saga and we at BlogDangerous can't wait to get our teeth stuck into it.


Zom-B City receives an impressive 8/10 Blogger Points

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