School Library Journal (USA) | 29 April 2010 | Walter Minkel
Here's another horrific, edge-of-the-seat gore fest that will be in big demand from anyone who has ever whipped through Shan's previous volumes. Grubbs Grady, the protagonist of the first and third novels in this series, returns to learn that he may not have escaped the family curse -- the one that turns some of its teenagers into murderous lycanthropes -- after all. At first, his life seems to have returned to normal following the horrible deaths of his parents and his sister. He has good friends in school, there's a girl he likes, and he's living comfortably with his magical uncle, Dervish. But he's plagued with nightmares of demons and blood, and when the moon is full, he feels as though there's a beast inside him ready to burst out. Grubbs, his friend Loch, and his half brother Bill-E dig up a spot near Dervish's house where a fabled treasure supposedly lies buried, and the boys soon unearth a cave that seems filled with a frightening power. Once they do, little by little, things get worse. And worse. There are no happy endings here -- and that's just what Demonata fans want.
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