Book Blog Bonanza | 22 February 2015 | Matthew R Bell

The Demonata series is my #1. Out of everything I've ever read it's my most favourite. Every year I make time to read it again, and it never fails to excite and fascinate me. Lord Loss, the first book, is an amazing entry into a world that is so well-developed it's infuriatingly fantastic; fast-paced, action-packed, lighting-quick writing with a beguiling story and a warm cast of characters. If you're looking for criticism, you won't find it here. These books never get old, and for sure are never boring, no matter how many times you read them.

Grubbs Grady lives a normal, happy life.
It's unremarkable, uninhibited.
It's perfect.
Until he walks in on demons massacring his family.
From then on his life will be changed.
And it might not be for the better...

Lord Loss's story is fresh and exciting. It flows along fantastically; the world's mythology perfectly explained here and there to keep you reading. It's a YA novel aimed at older teens, but reading it again I had absolutely no problems, so if you're not sure you should pick the series up because of its target audience, don't fret. Just get out there and pick it up. It's filled with magic, intrigue and suspense that forces you to turn the pages.

Mr Shan also does a great job of balancing the light and dark within the book. At times the story and characters can be hilarious, without ever crossing the line into 'cheesy'; while it can also be extremely graphic and horrifying, juggling serious themes expertly. One never overshadows the other, and it all fits nicely together.

The characters are all also done well. Each of them feels very grounded in reality and normal, even when the story takes startling turns. The development of characters is strong, and each of them are refreshing and unique. This isn't a YA story that has ten-year-old children speaking as if they're forty, everyone has a place, and they inhabit that place perfectly.

Our main for example, Grubbs, is very realistic and easy to connect with. Overall he's likable, but there's that negative streak that stops him from becoming sickeningly too goody-goody. He's a reluctant hero, and Lord Loss is his stage.

The relationships as well are very warm and genuine. From Grubbs to Dervish, to Dervish and Bill-E. In a short space of time Mr Shan creates a remarkable family with rich history and fascinating futures.

I know, I know, I'm sorry. I'm head-over-heels in love with this series.

And hopefully if you guys pick it up, you will be too.

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