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Demon Thief was the very first book I ever read that was written by Darren Shan, and from then on I've been hooked to practically everything the author writes. Going through it again though, I realised something: Books 1, 2 and 4 are all separate stories that can be read in any order. Each focus on a key character in The Demonata's world, but none follow on from one another. I actually like that, that spice of variety where you can choose where to start off in the series. Of course, you really should read all three of them before continuing on. But, the little things count.

Kernel Fleck has saw the patches of light all his life, and he doesn't know why.
But when strange events catch up to him, and a demon races away with Kernel's brother in his arms, his life is for sure destined to change.
Kernel gives chase to the demon.
Into a realm of horror and pain.
With almost no hope of returning home alive...

One thing you'll notice about Demon Thief is the massive amount of world building it does for the series. Lord Loss gave us an exciting taste, but the second entry gives us a relished mouthful. We learn more about magic, how it works, the demons' universe and a glimpse at the bigger picture. It's a pulse-pounding ride of terror and delight. It just reinforces my favouritism of the series above all of the other ones I've ever read.

Demon Thief is also brimming with twists and surprises. Some are truly mind-blowing. First time round, when I was much younger, I cried and laughed and shouted when the truth came out. I was so blindsided I couldn't read another book for weeks. The shock is still there, even though I know what's coming, which is a fantastic testament to the author.

We also have a much more adventurous feel. Our fresh gang of demon fighters travel throughout the demons' universe, and each world they come to is written vividly and uniquely.

Demon Thief also has a new batch of characters to follow. There's a couple returning figures from Lord Loss, but I actually think this entry to the series takes place before the first book, chronologically at least. But it's not a negative. Kernel Fleck is a completely different - while just as likable - character compared to Grubbs. He has different powers, motivations. He's also thrust into the world of demons in a much different way from Grubbs. We also meet some major characters, like Beranabus, Shark, Sharmila; all lovably distinctive and written in a way where you have no choice but to want to read their stories.

If Lord Loss didn't completely sell you on the series, then Demon Thief will for sure.

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