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Darren Shan, Darren Shan!!! What am I going to do with this new author I have placed in my FAVORITES list??? For years I tried to read all these books but always had something come up but when I finally did read them all...all I could do was scream at the books and then sit back and laugh because I got the ending in the last book like "oh wow he based the books on him like a fictional character!"


The books:


Cirque-Du-Freak series is about a young boy named Darren who goes to a secret illegal freak show one night with his best friend, while their he falls in love with a magical deadly spider who follows commands by a flute, when Darren's friend realizes that the owner of the spider is a Vampire he demands to be turned into one but is rejected and when he gets bit by the spider Darren steals, Darren has to agree to be the vampires assistant and become a half vampire in order to save his friend....


The other books are based on Darren learning how to be a vampire, then going on a journey to kill his best friend who is the dark prince before he kills all man kind and destroys the world.


These are quick reads but you will get hooked on them before you know what you are doing. I wouldn't pass up reading them or following the author for his other tales. I love these vampire books because they are so different from other classical vampire stories.

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