Book Madness | 24 January 2011 | Devon Marcus

Darren Shan is one of my favorite authors, I'm not sure what it is but his books are just different then most vampire books that are out today. I find that while reading through the Cirque Du Freak series that he has kept to the classic ways a vampire should be, however he added some twists to not only make the vampires more awesome, but to also make vampires cool. Now that Darren Shan's (the main character in the series has the same name of the author) saga is over, the Saga of Larten Crepsley begins! However before he was a vampire he was a boy, a boy who after a regular day would become a murderer by the end of the evening. After his cousin gets murdered, young Larten takes his revenge, however after he realizes what he did he flees his home and puts his life behind him as he enters a new whelm and a new world he never knew existed, a world with vampires.

As he waits in a crypt he has to make a decision, one that would change his life forever, become a vampire's assistant or go off on his own worried that his family would disgrace him and that he would be sentenced for death if he were to be caught. It is there that he makes his choice of becoming a vampire's assistant, in which he travels the world with his master, Seba Nile. As they go off together, you see a few familiar faces from Cirque Du Freak, as the new world which Larten Crepsley is entering opens up. I thought that this book was much better then I thought it would be, the book even explained why his hair is orange! I think that this is a book that I would most certainly read again. As the book ends it makes you wonder if him becoming a vampire is just on chance or if it's destiny....

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