Book Walrus | 31 October 2013 | Daniel

Zom-B is a book about zombies that have suddenly appeared in an Irish town and are either converting the humans by biting them, or killing them and eating their brains.


A school kid called known as B, with an extremely racist dad, and the rest of England, hear about the zombies on the news. B and most of B’s friend’s think that the zombie story is all made up. However, when B’s class go on a school trip to a war museum a woman is attacked by two hooded men and steal her baby, B takes down the two men and rescues the baby. As it takes place B glances at one man’s head and notices that he looks like a mutant from a horror film. His skin is disfigured, purplish in patches; he has straggly grey hair and pale yellow eyes.


By introducing the zombies so slowly and showing characters making up their own minds, it makes the arrival of the zombies more realistic.


A few days later B is watching a school football match with some friends when B threatens to fight a young black kid called Tyler but sees how scared Tyler is and realises he would just beat him easily. Suddenly they hear screams from the corridor and a boy runs in to the room with blood spurting out of a bite in the back of his neck. More and more people with blood pouring from bite wounds come in to the hall screaming, “Zombies!”. You realize that normal daily problems and violence aren’t as important as they might seem at the time.


I really like Zom-B because it had a lot of suspense and you never know when or how the zombies are going to attack England and B’s school. Also the illustrations were brilliant as they show you what Darren/ Warren thought the zombies and people look like and they have a lot of detail and funny things in the back ground.


5/5 stars

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