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I finished reading this book in about two hours . The book is fascinating from the very first pages and even if i`m not a big fan of zombies story I liked this book very much . The action is set around B Smith , a ordinary teenager with more trouble than others teenagers . His father is a alchoolic , bullying racist . He beat B and her mom and get angry every time he sees B stand next to a immigrant. B say to herself she loves his father as he is.


But her racist father isn`t the single problem . It`s happend a zombie attack in Pallaskenry , in Ireland and London it is in alert . Course not everybody thinks it`s real , but people are afraid ( even if they want to admit or not ) B`s friends are together her and they help her , but B feels things escape from her control. Why his father did not want to tell anything about tall and creepy stranger who came to her home ( ` Owl Man ‘ ) ? And why is B always nightmares with bloody babies who want to kill her ? And why everybody thinks she`s become a racist , ever her favorite teacher and her friends ?


But when B ‘s school is attacked by zombies , everything is goind to hell . B is forced to see his friends die and sacrifice some of them . The only thing I have left to lose is her life and B need to fight with all her power to keep alive . All London is under assault by zombies . Leaving his father and feeling that those monster . B tries to get out of school , which became a grave for everybody who was killed by zombies . And then , she dies.


WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME , DARREN ?! I was just a good reader . WHY YOU TURN B INTO A ZOM-B?!


My rating : 5/5

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