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Larten Crepsley is a young vampire with great aspirations. After leaving his mentor Seba Nile for a period of time that all Cubs (as young vampires are called) take to find themselves, Larten is living the high life with his companion Wester. The two of them gamble, drink ale, consort with women, and follow along behind battles to feed on the fallen humans. It truly is paradise, but Larten still feels like he is missing something. So, even though his current life is so appealing, he and Wester return to their master to complete their vampire training. Seba then takes them to vampire mountain to participate in the council. While there, Seba is given the job of quarter master and asks if his two apprentices would like to stay. Wester is eager to remain in the mountain, but Larten is far less certain. Regardless, he agrees to train and become a vampire general. Eventually, after years of training, Larten becomes fed up with the hierarchy system of generals and princes, and after becoming angered by his master's words telling him to go, he leaves vampire mountain. Larten then falls back into old habits, drinking ale until he passes out and flirting with women. He is still not pleased with his life, and runs into the rowdy and rude vampire Vancha March, who he accompanies until Vancha is called back to vampire mountain. When Larten is alone again and missing any form of company, he decides to seek out the sorceress Evanna, who he had previously met and been dazzled by while still in the service of his master. Fate takes things from there, and the hands of destiny lead Larten into some very unsavory situations that he may end up paying the ultimate price for in blood. And it is not necessarily his own...


I picked this book up because I love Darren Shan. I finished this book in one night because it was exciting as well as easy to read. I would give this book to anyone who likes the Cirque Du Freak series, or to anyone who is sick of vampires that glitter in the sunlight rather than burn.


Rating: **** I really liked it!

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