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B is an average teenage delinquent with a freshly shaved head and a very bad temper. B likes to stay out at night with friends, listen to music, and bully people. While B breaks a lot of rules and is on the racist side, B never thought that life would be different from what it was. At first B doesn't believe what is on the T.V. and thinks it is some kind of prank that someone is pulling by putting their zombie movie footage on the news, but B soon finds out that it is real. Zombies attack B's school, sending everyone running in terror or being torn apart and eaten by the walking dead. Once they are killed, the fallen students turn into zombies themselves. B and friends are trapped in the school; someone has blocked all the exits, and it is becoming increasingly apparent to B that this slaughter has been done on purpose. But who would do such a thing and why?


Darren Shan, author of Cirque du Freake, has put out another gory, gut churning beginning of a series with Zom-B. Unfortunately, the writing is a bit flat and the main character is hard to like, but things may change for the better in the future books in the series. However, there is a pleasantly surprising ending for the reader who picks up this book.

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