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The Thin Executioner is the latest novel from Darren Shan. His other novels, the Cirque De Freak series and the Demonta series were both a huge hit. Many of My friends also read books written by Darren Shan. I was very excited when i knew his book was in stores. I went to the bookshop and found the book. Then, I saw the price tag 175 HKD! It is so expensive, but as a ture fan I still bought it.


About the book, the story starts with Rashed Rum’s announcement of retiring from the post of the executioner. J’An and J’Al , sons of rashed rum were both mentioned as a true warrior. But Jebel wasn’t mentioned, even though he was in from the same family. Jebel, humuliated by his father, decided to go on a quest to the lair of the fire god, in determination to revise his honour, wield unimaginable power and become the thin executioner.


Jebel was from the executioner’s family, which is a wealthy family , getting whatever he wants. He started the quest as a self-centered and bad tempered boy. He complained alot and kept ordering his servant to do his work for him. The road was harsh and bitter. He and his servant had to rely on each other to continue the journey. Day by day, Jebel changed. He saw how precious life is and became thankful for what he had.


The hidden message the writer wants to tell us is interesting and important. You should be happy at this state and not asking for more, but earning it. I agree the book is worth its price.

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