Booksword | 18 January 2013 |

Ok, so you might be slightly put off by the cover already, but don’t be. That is if you can take a bit of guts and gore…well…I say a bit…ok,ok this book is infected with it. But if you like ’The Saga of Darren Shan’, this series will appeal to you too. So the first book, Lord Loss, is about a boy in his mid-teens, Grubbs Grady. His family are hiding something from him and he has no idea what. That is until he faces hell, or as he describes it in the book, ‘The door opens. Hell is revealed’. Grubbs goes on to find that demons are real and magic is possible (I missed out the gory bit inbetween him opening the door and finding this out out- I wouldn’t want to spoil a major plot twist!). The whole book is about how Grubbs discovers more and more about magic and demons. It has to be on of the best books I’ve read and I recommend it to pre-teen or teen readers depending on how much gore and horror you can take.

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