Bookworm Birds | 03 November 2014 | Scarlett Spectre

Well, well, well. The master of horror is certainly back with a second helping of entrails in this explosive addition to the Zom-B series. Horrors truly begin to unfold from every corner of life, from family, friends and foes.


Towards the end of Zom-B Clans we saw B betrayed by a fellow Angel outside Battersea Power Station and taken captive, but not before the shocking sudden re-appearance of B’s Father as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Shortly after, Shan takes it up a few notches, bringing us one of the most brutal scenes in the series yet. We see up close, the twisted mentality of the despicable Dan-Dan and the lengths he will go to draw out B’s suffering for his own sick enjoyment. The torture scene is a gory mess of body parts, blood and maiming, all enacted in the presence of Dan-Dan’s little darlings, whom he forces to watch against their will.

Even after this crippling session with Dan-Dan, B is reunited with the foul members of the Board, who do what they do best, and pit B against her mindless not so alive foes. The stakes raised against her already after a gruesome battering by Dan-Dan she is once again forced to fight for those she loves and in the end, heartbreakingly ends it herself.

It’s clear in the beginning of the book that B is at her wits end. She just wants the heartbreak, the danger, the gore, the endless struggle to survive to be over. But as we near the end, even after her emotional and physical torture, I think we see the fire inside re-emerge in true B fashion. She kicks ass and then some, cuts loose and even cherishes a moment with her daddy dearest.

And then Shan brings it back to the realm of the weird as B is carried off by a horde of zombie babies towards the hordes of mutants and flesh eaters swarming outside led by none other than Mr. Dowling…


And that is why these books are awesome.


Bring on the next addition to the series!

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