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If you’re looking for a good horror title for young readers, then look no further than The Demonata series by Darren Shan. The author of the Cirque Du Freak series conjures up fear and terror in the first book in his Demonata series “The Demonata Book 1: Lord Loss.


Grubbs Grady is the younger child of two chess obsessed parents. He pulls mean-spirited pranks on his older sister and usually gets himself into trouble. But one day, he notices the strange behavior in his parents and sister and thinks it’s odd, but one night he discovers his younger sister Gret and his parents have been brutally murdered by a demon called Lord Loss. He manages to escape and ends up in a mental institution. After he is released he goes to live with his uncle Dervish Grady. He becomes friends with Bill-E and begins to unravel the horrifying secrets behind what happened to his family.


This is a very entertaining book and it’s a very good horror book. It is downright creepy at times and Darren Shan is a very descriptive author. His writing is very detailed and it’s a very entertaining read, especially if you like horror titles. The characters are interesting and you’ll be able to finish it in a decent amount of time because it’s a decent size book at 240 pages. You can finish it in one sitting if you read nonstop.


It’s a good book for a horror title but might scare younger readers, this is about an age 13 and up book, because it does have violence and profanity in it, as a note to parents, you might want to read this before your children do to gage whether or not it will scare them. If you’re older, it probably won’t bother you that much.


Darren Shan is a very good horror writer and his books will definitely appeal to horror fans and if you want a good story with interesting characters, pick up “The Demonata: Book 1 Lord Loss”. It’s also very interesting because it’s written in first person, and it’s a very entertaining and scary book. Borrow it from the library or buy it, either way, you’ll probably enjoy it if you like reading horror and are tired of clichéd movies. Darren Shan is a great young adult author, just beware that there is some disturbing content in these books and they aren’t for everyone, so read at your own risk. 

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