Chicklish | 11 April 2010 | Daria

Beranabus, Kernel, Grubbs, Bec and the rest of the group find out that there is a new leader of The Demonta. They try as hard as they can to find the creature, nicknamed The Shadow, and kill it, but there is something going on with the lights that only Kernel can see. When Kernel is left to guard a window while the others battle Juni Swan and The Shadow, an Old Creature comes and takes Kernel away, to the ruined world of Atlantis. It tells him about the creation of the universes and what Kernel's purpose was. The question is, will Kernel accept and stay in the world of lights or will he try to battle The Shadow one more time?

I really liked this book because there is more of a dilemma for the main character, Kernel. He has to choose what to do: stay on earth or in Atlantis? The descriptions of the demons were as vivid as ever, as were the descriptions of the surroundings. My favourite character was Grubbs, but my feelings changed because of something he did at the end (I can't tell you what though, you have to read the book yourself!) My favourite character now is Kernel because he always tries to do what's right and is nearly always is careful about what he does.

I've always liked this genre of books, adventure and demonic, and Darren Shan specializes in my favourite genre. I think that if you like vampire books, you will also like these, but I'm not sure because The Demonata series is a bit scary and gory, so if you read the vampire Twilight series just for the romance the I'm not sure you will like this book and others of its series.

Review by Daria, aged 13

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