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Larten is at rock bottom when he flees the ship with the baby, escaping to Greenland where he plans to let himself die. He discovers a legendary vampire palace and his life is saved by Desmond Tiny who indicates that he has an important future ahead of him.


Having his life saved by the creepy thing that is Desmond Tiny sends fear through Larten, as does the responsibility of being father to the baby, now named Gavner. It was interesting to see his true connection to Larten after him being one of my favourites in the SODS. This back story was interesting though I always find it harder to engage with books set in France for some reason. I found the love story a bit slow in places but it didn't spoil the book in any way and you know it is going to be important for the continued development of Larten's character. Having Larten guilt ridden and longing to atone for his sins adds another interesting dimension to his character.


The slimy Tanish is back and you just want to yell at Larten not to get involved with him because you know it is going to end badly. Tanish, of course, lives up to his reputation as a coward and destroys Larten's hopes for a happy life. You also long for Larten to just give Gavner a damn hug and warn him that Uncle Tanish is evil!


This book is set against the backdrop of WW1, a type of warfare that shocks the vampire race and they stay well clear, no longer looking for entertainment from it. I think this reaction from the monsters says a lot about humanity and their desire to destroy everything.


Another enjoyable book in the series and I will be looking forward to book 4!

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