CINCY Book Review | 28 May 2013 | Kate Willis

This twelve book series written by author Darren Shan, that wrote the Zom-B series and other horror fantasy novels, has continued to stay in my number one spot of my favorite books. The Cirque Du Freak series has an excellent twist of adventure, fantasy, and horror that all blends together perfectly to create an enchantingly creepy young adult fiction saga.

The book series follows Darren Shan, an obscure teenage boy with a fetish for all things creepy and crawly. When he and his best friend Steve acquire tickets to the Cirque Du Freak, a travelling circus of the night, their lives are changed forever as soon as they step through the stage doorway. They meet Mr. Crepsley, a vampire that traveled with the circus. Steve becomes utterly obsessed with the idea of becoming a vampire and horrifically begs Mr. Crepsley to change him into a night walker. After a failed attempt and a blood test resulting in bad “evil” blood, Steve is refused the position as Mr. Crepsley’s apprentice, and Darren takes his best friend’s place and becomes a vampire. With a heavy feeling of betrayal from his former best friend, Steve sets out on a path of revenge to take down Darren and claim his spot once more by joining the Vampaneze, the rivals to the vampires. The last eleven books tell of Darren’s story as a newborn vampire. He encounters a lake of souls, the vicious Vampaneze, the five trials of death, and so many more life threatening and horrific challenges all while trying to avoid Steve, the power hungry ex-best friend.


Everything about this series makes my skin crawl; that’s what made me read all twelve books in less than a week. Although each book is not long, they all pack a terrifying punch to them that will catch nearly every reader off guard in one way or another.


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