| 24 April 2010 | ???
The freak show was all I could think about last night. I tried forgetting it, but couldn't, not even when I was watching my favorite TV shows. It sounded so weird: a snake-boy, a wolf-man, a performing spider. I was especially excited by the spider...."Darren Shan is probably a lot like you. An ordinary kid who loves to play soccer, ride bikes and hang out with his three best friends. All is pretty normal in Darren’s world until one day he and his friends come across a flyer for Cirque Du Freak."You’d have to be really twisted to want to go to one of those " - but none of the boys hesitate before deciding they want to go.They find out they can only buy two tickets to the show. As if by destiny Darren is one of the boys who wins the right to go in a game of chance.This begins the Saga of Darren Shan.Darren and one of his friends attend the disturbing Cirque Du Freak only to have it change their lives forever. Their friendship is tested when they get caught in the dangerous and intriguing web of the supernatural.The events that follow the boys after attending Cirque Du Freak will have you turning pages as fast as you can read them. Each chapter pulls you further into the world of the supernatural with surprising twists and turns.The story is so compelling I couldn't put the book down until I was finished, only to be left wanting more.While much of the story deals with the supernatural and some depictions are rather macabre the underlying theme of loyalty, trust, friendship and family leaves you caring about each character - human or not.Whether you believe Darren’s saga or not, you will be left questioning the possibilities.If you can’t get enough Harry Potter, are curious about the supernatural or just like a good scare – Cirque Du Freak should be on your reading list this year.While aimed at young adults, my 12-year-old son read the book, in one day. And he, well he doesn't like to read. That says a lot for this very intriguing book.
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