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This series is one I was least looking forward to, in fact it’s on my shit list. I read the first two novels of the series some time ago and was not Impressed by it. So, the manga version was not exactly high on my to read list.The cover of the volume however intrigued me, it has a unique feel to it. And I have to admit that while reading it I really got into it. My original thought’s on the story itself remain true, but I have to admit Arai has a way of bringing it to life. There have been some changes to the script, which I have to admit made the series a lot more easy to read and enjoy.As I got into the story I really started to get into the characters, their personalities are well developed and come out in a good light. I have to admit that I preferred the characters personalities in the manga because they’re more alive and vibrant. They were always flat in the novels. The story this time however draws you in as it goes, and wraps you up in the story. Something I always felt lacking in the novels.The art is where I do have some issues. Arai draws in a unique style that I think will take some getting used to. Overall I like his style, but I’ve noticed that in a lot of places the characters heads are waaaay to large, and in others the features don’t match the previous ones.I do also like the way he draws the freak characters, they, like the main characters are alive and vibrant. Something I have to give Arai credit for. Usually support characters end up being a bit two dimensional.As a first volume, and considering my hate for the series, I was greatly impressed by it. Certainly enough to keep on reading it for future volumes. I had a hard time deciding how to classify this, after all the source for this is an english novel. So should this be an OEL. However I’m classifying it as a manga for two reasons. First it’s in manga format, as in right to left, and is published in Japan as well.Yen Press are releasing this series, and as always did a great job on it. The translation is smooth and fluid, and consistent. I’m not going to say it’s the greatest manga this month, or any month. Since I think it has a way to go to really impress me. However, considering I hated the original novels, I have to admit that this volume really got to me, and has me interested enough to read subsequent volumes.Yen also include a sample of the novel at the back of the volume, after the afterword by Arai.I think it’s a got a lot of potential, and I do like the changes that were made to the script to make it flow better. Though I am wondering at the pacing of the story, it feels a little on the fast side for me. I would have liked to have seen this first volume developing the relationships a bit more. However it’s still worth reading, i’ll give it a few more volumes before deciding how to rate it.
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