City Book Review | 14 October 2013 | Janessa

Becky, or B, Smith is a zombie who has somehow managed to fight off turning into a zombie, despite being dead, and having had her heart ripped from her chest. B stumbles upon the Angels, revitalized zombies, and a mysterious Doctor who is intrigued by B and welcomes her openly into their sanctuary. When he tells her her life expectancy isn’t a few years as she thought, but instead several thousand, B is beside herself with relief knowing her death isn’t around the corner, but then frightened as thousands of years is a very long time.||This book was almost too quick of a read, under two hundred pages, and I am left wondering if these Zom-B books shouldn’t be combined instead of drawn out as they are. With that said, this book has it all: gore, fighting for your life, suspense, deceit, and shady characters that remind you that in uncertain times, nobody can be trusted. Nobody.


“We zombies are all freaks of nature, each a walking medical marvel, but one tends to forget that. This is a reminder of our ability to defy established laws. You are a remarkable individual, Becky Smith, and you should be proud of a great wound which you bear.”


Younger aged fans of the Walking Dead will find these books addicting, and I could see a Young Adult TV spin-off coming from these. While I highly recommend this book, I suggest starting with book one so the story will make more sense by the time you get to this one, book four.

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