Dark Readers | 31 October 2014 | Stephen Haskins

As I'm typing this review I keep looking at the book cover, and every time I do I find myself stopping stopping typing and being transfixed by those eyes, those creepy, staring eyes, and so I'm thinking I might have to continue typing this with my eyes closed and hope my touch typing has improved!


Here we have the next piece of the puzzle, or as i'm starting to think of it the next TV episode in the Zom-B series, because that's what the series feels like to me, short bursts of action that gives so much but at the same time leaves you hanging for more.


With a lot of Shan's book, the gruesome and gory is focused on the fantasy elements of the characters, whether they be vampires, demons, and in this case zombies, but with this book there was a more humane nature to the plot, and true to its title it explored different meanings of family. But this isn't you're regular normal family issues, Oh no no no, this is Darren Shan we're talking about, and family here has a dark twist. But that created some beautiful moments, between B and those around her, from her father, to Vinyl and even to some extent with the babies! Yes I said it...they're sort of like the aliens from Toy Story, and them chanting 'mummy' is weird but also fascinating!


This book was a bit of a heavy read at times due to the nature of the violence implicated, so may not be for the feint hearted. Dan Dan gets to exhibit his full colours here, and he makes your spine crawl even more! Karma is a b...well karma comes back around sometimes and no one is really safe in this world of zombies!


The setting of Battersea Power station was a nice touch, because it was so visual in my mind, and kept the action nicely in one place. And action was the word, because so much happened in this short space of book. I found I was flying though the book as quickly as I was flying across the world ( I read the book on my 11 hour flight) and it built up to a fantastic end that's left me guessing and wondering at the treats Zom-B bride is going to bring! Will our B really be getting hitched! Is Mr Dowling the gallant Groom.


I feel like the notches are starting to turn up very quickly at this point in the series and looking back at how far we've come this was a very enjoyable snapshot of the whole picture, that when you look back at everything has a lot packed into it, and I'm excited for what is to come!


This will be the perfect Halloween read!

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