| 18 December 2008 | Serina
Ultimate gore master Darren Shan has done it again!In book seven of his Demonata series, the story is told by, once more, none other than Bec. After being brought back to life by stealing Bill-E's body, Bec is at a loss of how to deal with the new world when her soul has been locked within a cave for thousands of years. After the death of Uncle Dervish's nephew, the man presses Bec harshly for the boy's memories, making her feel very much like a mistreated young girl, but this soon becomes the least of her problems. The notorious miser of misery, Lord Loss, has returned, only to be found working for an even more powerful force that even Beranabus cannot torture information about out of other demons. The only thing they seem to know is that it has been nicknamed, 'The Shadow." After many trials of blood, guts and pus, Bec manages to fight her way, along with her companions, to face off against the new foe. But they may have discovered something more than they ever could have bargained for. Will this finally be the end of humanity as we know it?*Quality- 4Q (Better than most)*Popularity- 3P (Some teen appeal, certainly not for the faint of heart)
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