| 29 April 2010 | Margaret Marr
After Beranabus frees Bec from the rock she’s been imprisoned in for centuries, she takes over Bill-E’s body, shifting it into a female version to fit her gender. Things have changed dramatically over 1600 years, and Bec has a hard time adjusting. Then she discovers that she can absorb other people’s memories just by coming in contact with them—something she’s not crazy about, since she feels as if she’s eavesdropping on memories that each person probably wouldn’t want her to know about.Dervish Grady grieves for his nephew, Bill-E, who was killed in the fight to close the portal between the demon world and Earth (in Demon Apocalypse, book six in the Demonata series). Grubbs has gone off to other worlds to deal with the loss on his own, leaving Dervish alone—except for Bec, whom he doesn’t even know. But after they’re attacked by a pack of werewolves, they’re forced to unite to find out who’s responsible and why.A demon called the Shadow is after Bec because she’s part of a magical force called the Kah-Gash. He needs to kill her in order to absorb the magic into himself—and once he has that, humanity doesn’t stand a chance for survival. But when they discover just what the Shadow is, they realize that the war hasn’t even truly begun.Death’s Shadow is perfect for young readers who love books with a heavy dose of action and gore with a heaping helping of slobbering werewolves and oozing zombies. Call me crazy, but I enjoyed it as much as any young adult would. Death’s Shadow contains plenty of creepy, scary, gore-infested fun, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a second to catch your breath as you’re reading.With its plot-thickening bedlam and its outstanding depth of imagination, Death’s Shadow is every bit as pleasing as the first six books in the Demonata series. Mr. Shan knows just how to end a novel, leaving you hanging on the edge, eager for the next book in the lineup. And I, for one, will be one gloomy gal when I finish the last book in this series.
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